77 Heartbreaks (2017)

77 Heartbreaks HD
77 Heartbreaks

77 Heartbreaks

77 Heartbreaks    Jun 15, 2017

N/A 2017 92 min Romance

5.9/10 by 4 users

Charlene Choi, Chau Pak-Ho, Michelle Wai, Anthony Wong, Gillian Chung, Kara Hui, Yumiko Cheng Hei-Yi, Candy Lo, J.Arie, C Kwan, Lawrence Cheng

Hong Kong


When Eva ends her ten-year relationship with Adam, he’s shocked by the sudden break-up, not until he read her private journal did he realize that she has suffered 77 heartbreaks. Though unknown to the secret contained in the journal’s torn-out last page, he is determined to win her back. When they finally resolve to start anew, Eva discovers his drunken tryst. Will she pardon him a 78th time?

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