Dynamite Shaolin Heroes (1978)

Dynamite Shaolin Heroes HD
Dynamite Shaolin Heroes

Dynamite Shaolin Heroes

Dynamite Shaolin Heroes    Dec 02, 1978

N/A 1978 78 min Action, Adventure, Foreign

3.8/10 by 2 users

Lo Lieh, Kim Min-jeong, Choi Bong, Choi Sung-Kyu, Kim Ki-bum, Kim Wang-Kuk, Kim Yeong-in, Il-su Kwon, Yeong-mun Kwon, Kang-jo Lee

South Korea

martial arts, kung fu, shaolin, shaolin kung fu, kung fu master


In Ching Dynasty, surviving retainers of Ming Dynasty swears with blood to restore their country. Hwang Baek who is greedy for power, brutally kills them but the master Mok-ryun defeats him every time. Kang Shi-baek, the lord of Haedong, has a daughter, Chung-chung, who is engaged with Chon-ryong. Baek-ho asks to marry her also. Hwang-baek plots against Kang Shi-baek and puts him in jail. When Kang Shi-baek's head was about to be cut off, two of the masters Mok-ryun show up and rid of Hwang-baek group. Chon-ryong matches against and beats Hwang-baek and leaves with Chung-chung. - KMDB

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