Spoiled Children (1977)

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Spoiled Children

Spoiled Children

Spoiled Children    Sep 06, 1977

N/A 1977 114 min Drama

7/10 by 1 user

Christine Pascal, Michel Piccoli, Michel Aumont, Gérard Jugnot, Arlette Bonnard, Gérard Zimmermann, Liza Braconnier, Geneviève Mnich, Michel Blanc, Michel Berto, Thierry Lhermitte


paris, lovesickness, age difference, 1970s, skyscraper, empowerment, film maker, sexual revolution, citizens' action committee, laundromat, renter, teacher, extramarital affair


Account of a film director's brief affair with a young neighbour, and his involvement in the social and political ramifications of a tenancy dispute in an apartment block. Filmmaker Bernard (Michel Piccoli), who is suffering a creative block, enters into an affair with the much-younger Anne (Christine Pascal).

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