Empires of the Deep (1970)

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Empires of the Deep

Empires of the Deep

Empires of the Deep    Jan 01, 1970

N/A 1970 0 min Science Fiction

7.5/10 by 1 user

Olga Kurylenko, Steve Polites, Maxx Maulion, Pierre Bourdaud, Jean-Michel Casanova, Boyde Thomas Skinner, David A. Williams, Andre Queme, Jonathan Kos-Read, Valeska Mosich-Miller, William Shriver

China, United States of America

ocean, submarine, sea, monster, camouflage, fish, boat, hero, queen, mythology, magic, sacrifice, armor, castle, survivor, mermaid, epic, princess, love, revenge, rescue, human sacrifice, creature, soldier, underwater, death of family, sea monster, throne, sailor, giant animal, temptation, ancient greece, based on greek myth, sinking boat, vanity, superhuman strength, warrior race, quest, 3d, giant crab, giant fish, giant invertebrate, ship wreck, undersea city, myth, wreckage, driftwood


For thousand of years, legends of beautiful mermaids have enchanted people from all over the globe. Their fascinating and mysterious world has always captured the imagination of humans. In film history, there hasn't been a single movie that has uncovered and explored this mystical world. What secrets lurk beneath the depths? And why do beautiful mermaids seduce human men? "Mermaid Island" is the first underwater fantasy film to unveil and answer these questions.

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