No Greater Love (1995)

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No Greater Love

No Greater Love

No Greater Love    Apr 11, 1995

N/A 1995 105 min TV Movie, Drama, Romance

3/10 by 4 users

Kelly Rutherford, Chris Sarandon, Nicholas Campbell, Daniel Hugh Kelly, Michael Landes, Gina Philips, Simon MacCorkindale, Christopher C. Fuller, Susan Hogan, Daniel Pilon, Sarah Freeman

United States of America

fiancé, iceberg, titanic, sibling, responsibility


When her parents and fiancé are lost in the Titanic disaster, young Edwina Winfield (Rutherford) shoulders the responsibility of raising her three younger siblings and taking over the reins at her father's newspaper. Although she has no shortage of new would-be suitors, the memory of her lost love continues to haunt her, so she focuses instead on providing a stable home for the children, rather than marrying. But her forcefulness alienates some of the kids, who have plans of their own and rebel against her. Can she hold her fractured family together, and will she ever overcome her ghosts to shake herself out of martyrdom and have a real life of her own?

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