Co-Ed Scandal (2006)

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Co-Ed Scandal

Co-Ed Scandal

Co-Ed Scandal    Mar 08, 2006

N/A 2006 70 min Crime

6/10 by 1 user

Ryan Eigenmann, Avi Siwa, Jennifer Lee, J.B. Red Recana, Katrina Gonzales, Satya Vanii, Marlon Bonife, Cedric Javier, Ricky Orellana, Raul Morit, Randy Punsal


philippines, viral video, pinoy


Two girls and a boy of barely legal age are caught having sex on tape. Who are they? Why did they do it? Where are they now? The film draws answers from the urban legends that grew around the controversial sex videos and the result is a humorous narrative with elements of mock documentary. Leo (Ryan Eigenmann) is a 21-year-old co-ed student in a prestigious college. He dreams of making and starring in his own "dirty movie"and becomes obsessed with the idea. Leo eggs his girlfriend Claire (Jennifer Lee) to be part of the video. She hesitates but gives in to the idea soon enough when she finds her most compelling reason in the person of a sexy girl named Miles (Avi Siwa). Generally perceived as a tragic event, the Co-ed Scandal is viewed through the film from multiple perspectives ennobling the idea of beauty-and tragedy-as something that ultimately resides in the eye of the beholder.

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