The Face of Jizo (2004)

The Face of Jizo HD
The Face of Jizo

The Face of Jizo

The Face of Jizo    Jul 31, 2004

N/A 2004 99 min Drama

Not rated yet

Rie Miyazawa, Tadanobu Asano, Yoshio Harada


atomic bomb, war, hiroshima


Based on a play by Hisashi Inoue, it focuses on the sufferings of the survivors of Hiroshima. The film takes place during 4 days in the summer of 1948, as the ghost of her father visits Mitsué (Rié Miyama). He had somehow learned that she has fallen in love, and tries to convince her to start her new life. But Mitsué obstinately refuses his warm and humorous encouragements : « People were killed in my place. I do not have the right to find happiness », she says.

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